Archibald Prize – James Morrison

In 2009, I decided to take up the challenge to paint a large scale portrait of James Morrison, to be entered in the Archibald Prize. As a young artist, I was so curious in the process that was involved in participating in this award. The art world can be rather daunting, so my goal wasn’t to be selected, but just to be a part of the experience, gain some confidence, and to learn something along the way. I had such a great time carrying out the portrait sittings, and being a part of the buzz that went on dropping off my work to the famous packer’s room was so great, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

James and I
James and I

We had a meeting to discuss the process, and I took the opportunity to ask how he would like to be represented.  He sat quietly for a moment, before telling me that even though he’d had various public portraits done in the past, that was the first time he’d ever been asked for his opinion like that.

Drawing it up
Drawing it up
James Morrison
James Morrison

James Morrison

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